COmputational COmmutative Algebra
International School on Computer Algebra

Villa Gualino, Torino, Italy
May 31 - June 5, 1999

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First Announcement

Second Announcement - 22 March, 1999

The plans for both the International School and for the 6th biannual COCOA Meeting have been moving along and we are now in a position to be more precise about the details of both the Conference and the School.

The main sponsor for both the school and the conference is the Gruppo Nazionale per le Strutture Algebriche e Geometriche e loro Applicazioni (GNSAGA) of the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica "Francesco Severi" (INDAM).

The International School

All the students accepted to attend the school are expected to arrive on Sunday evening, May 30 at the Villa Gualino. Dinner will be served Sunday evening for all the students of the school and the plans for the week will be explained in more detail than we will give here.

Classes in the school will begin promptly at 9:00 am on Monday morning. Be prepared for an intensive 4 days of study and work!

The work for the courses by Sturmfels (on Monomial Ideals - message to students, problem sheets (4 pages plain TEX)) and that of Geramita-Robbiano (on Finite Sets of Points - message to students) will be scheduled as follows on Monday-Thursday:

9:00-9:45, 10:00-10:45 Course A Theory
11:15 - 12:00, 12:15-13:00 Course B Theory

The afternoons will be organized as follows:

15:00-15:30 Course A discussion by Tutorial Leader
15:30-16:00 Course B discussion by Tutorial Leader

Because of the overwhelming response to the school by excellent applicants and the generosity of several Italian funding agencies, we were able to accept more students than we had anticipated. This, unfortunately, meant that we don't have the computer facilities for all that we had hoped. Thus, for the guided tutorials, the plan is to divide the students into two groups of approximately 18 students each.

16:00-17:30 First guided tutorial
17:30-19:00 Second guided tutorial

We wanted to mention that the tutorials in the School will all use CoCoA on Unix-Linux systems. We suggest you begin to practice using that system. We also recommend, if you are able, to bring a portable computer with you. We will be very tight with computers at the Villa Gualino and having your own portable will give you lots more freedom during the tutorials.

The first day we will have a short introduction to CoCoA given by Anna Bigatti. Following that we will begin the main tutorials. The tutorial leaders will be Martin Kreuzer for the Geramita-Robbiano course and Ezra Miller for the Sturmfels course. The "guides" for the guided tutorials will be John Abbott, Anna Bigatti, Massimo Caboara, Martin Kreuzer, Ezra Miller and Dave Perkinson. All tutors speak colloquial English, the language of all the instruction and the tutorials.

It goes without saying that the tutorials are an integral part of the school and all students are expected to attend them.

Every participating student will receive a certificate attesting to his or her participation in the School.

The last meal offered, as part of the school, will be that of midday Thursday. Any student wishing to stay longer at the Villa (and that includes staying on Thursday night) will have to make separate arrangements with the Villa, as described below. All students are welcome to stay for the conference if they wish to do so.

The students accepted to attend the school are:

Student UniversityReferee
Giovanni AnzideiUniv. of FlorenceV. Ancona
Silvia BachelliUniv. of PaduaM. Barnabei
Laura BazzottiUniv. of FlorenceL. Robbiano
Alberto CalabriUniv. of RomeC. Ciliberto
Enrico CarliniUniv. of GenovaA. Geramita
Francesca CioffiUniv. of NaplesF. Orecchia
Giorgio DalzottoUniv. of FlorenceL. Robbiano
Tilak de AlwisS.E. Louisiana Univ.J. Eagon
Bahman EnghetaUniv. of KansasD. Katz
Fadil AbdelazizUniv. of GranadaE. Aznar
Robert ForkelUniv. of Regensburg M. Kreuzer
Anna GiordanoUniv. of MessinaT. Restuccia
Leah GoldCornell UniversityM. Stillman
Pedro GonzalezEcole PolytechniqueB. Tessier
Tai HaQueen's UniversityA. Geramita
Roozbeh HazratBielefeld Univ.Z. Nahandi
Ralf HemmeckeRISCB. Buchberger
Raymond HemmeckeUniv. of DuisburgR. Schultz
Abdul JarrahNew Mexico StateR. Laubenbacher
Peizhong LuFudan UniversityM. Liu
Gabriella MargariaPolitecnico TorinoG. Pistone
Moira McDermottGustavus Adolphus Coll.M. Hochster
Ed MosteigCornell UniversityM. Sweedler
Emanuele MunariniPolitecnico MilanoN. Zagaglia Salvi
Mircea MustataUniv. Calif. (Berkeley)D. Eisenbud
Aleksandar NanevskiCarnegie MellonD. Scott
Ignacio OjedaUniv. of SevilleP. Pison Casares
Valentina PadoanUniv. of TriesteF. Rossi
Kimberly J. Presser Univ. of So. CarolinaM. Miller
Gerhard QuargUniv. of RegensburgE. Kunz
Eva RiccomagnoUniversity of WarwickH. Wynn
Giancarlo RinaldoUniv. of MessinaT. Restuccia
Hal SchenckNortheastern Univ.M. Stillman
Greg SmithUniv. Calif. (Berkeley)D. Eisenbud
Alberto Vigneron-TenorioUniv. of SevilleF. Castro-Jimenez
Adam Van TuylQueen's UniversityA. Geramita
Carolyn YackelIndiana UniversityM. Hochster
Burkhard ZimmermanRISC P. Paule

The COCOA VI Conference

The conference proper will begin on Thursday afternoon, June 3, 1999. The following have accepted invitations to give 1 hour presentations at the conference. More details about scheduling and titles will be given in the third announcement.

John Abbott Bruno Buchberger
Aldo Conca Jean-Charles Faugere
Gert-Martin Greuel Tomas Recio
Frank Sottile Mike Stillman
Bernd Sturmfels Barry Trager
Carlo Traverso

We have also organized a sort of "poster session" for Thursday evening which will give people an opportunity to discuss their work with other interested participants at the conference. If we receive a brief abstract (at most 1 side of one page) at the latest by May 15, 1999, we can collect them in a booklet which will be distributed to all participants. Anyone needing an invitation to present such a poster can contact either of the scientific organizers for it.

Accommodations for all participants will be in the modern structure of the Villa Gualino located in the hills overlooking the city of Turin. Their website is located at


One can book either a single or double room with shower. The double room has two twin beds. Breakfast is included in the cost of the room.

Single 85,000 Italian Lira / night
Double 130,000 Italian Lira / night

Reservations should be made directly with the Villa either via:

Telephone: 011 - 660 - 3555
Fax: 011 - 660 - 3535
or regular mail at:
Consorzio Villa Gualino
Viale Settimo Severo, No. 65
10133, Torino, Italy
Hotel charges can be made using any of the following credit cards: American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard.


Lunch and dinner are in the (self-service) restaurant on the site of the Villa. Each meal is charged at the flat rate of 20,000 lira, payable at the cash register in the dining hall (credit cards can be used for this charge).
With advance notice (preferably at the time of making the hotel accommodations) most dietary requests can be accommodated.

There is an (Italian -style) bar open all day until about 10:30 PM.

Registration Fees:

There will be a registration fee for all conference participants of 200,000 lira (for students the registration fee will be 100,000). This is payable the first day of the conference and payment can be accepted only in Italian lira (cash).


There will be a banquet on Friday evening. The details of location and cost have not yet been decided but the final cost should be in the range 50,000-75,000 lira per person. Banquet tickets can be purchased at registration and (again) only payments in cash (Italian lira) can be accepted.

How to Get To the Villa Gualino:

The web page of the Villa Gualino (given above) offers good advice for arriving at the Villa from just about anywhere! It is perhaps worth noting that Caselle Airport is the airport of the City of Torino and that the main train station is called Porta Nuova.
There are other stations as well. The fast train (TGV) from Paris arrives, for example, at Porta Susa. So, if you are arriving by train, please take care to notice which station you are arriving at.


The staff at the Villa Gualino are competent to handle any of your accomodation or travel questions. Feel free to contact them about any questions you might have in this line. Lorenzo Robbiano and Tony Geramita will be available to help with any other questions you might have.

Looking forward to seeing you in Torino,

V. Ancona, A. Conte, A.V. Geramita, L. Robbiano