COCOA 2013
International School on Computer Algebra
Osnabrück, Germany -- 10-14 June, 2013

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Name University Reference Poster
Alessandro OnetoUniv. Stockholm Aldo Conca On the Hilbert function of a class of power ideals
Alessio CaminataUniv. Osnabrück Maria Evelina Rossi
Andrei ZarojanuUniv. Bucharest Dorin Popescu Stanley's Conjecture for square-free monomial ideals
Antonello MacchiaUniv. Bari Margherita Barile The Arithmetical Rank of the Edge Ideals of Graphs with Whiskers
Ayesha Asloob QureshiICTP (Trieste) Juergen Herzog Persistence and stability properties of powers of ideals
Bayarjargal BatsukhUniv. Osnabrück Holger Brenner
David AmbogoUniv. Osnabrück Horst Behncke Stability of eigenvalues of Dirac-Coulomb equation with anomalous magnetic moment
Dinh Le VanUniv. Osnabrück Tim Römer
Dumitru StamateUniv. Bucharest
Elisa PalezzatoUniv. Genova Anna Bigatti Origami and trisection of an angle
Hiep DangUniv. Kaiserslautern Wolfram Decker Schubert3 - A Sage Package for Intersection Theory and Enumerative Geometry
Le Ngoc LongUniv. Passau Martin Kreuzer Differents for a set of points in P^n
Markus KrieglUniv. Passau Martin Kreuzer On (subideal) border bases and their generalization to modules
Michela LavaggiUniv. Genova Mauro Beltrametti Hilbert curves of polarized varieties
Ornella GrecoKTH (Stockholm) Mats Boij Green's Hyperplane Restriction Theorem: an extension to modules
Oscar FernándezUniv. Genova Philippe Gimenez Monomial ideals associated to bipartite graphs with Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity 3
Phong Thieu DinhUniv. Osnabrück Tim Römer
Ramakrishna NanduriUniv. Genova Aldo Conca Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity and Gorensteinness of fiber cone
Shiv Datt KumarMotilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (Allahabad) Shiv Datt Kumar On the number of generators of a Projective module
Simone BöttgerUniv. Osnabrück Holger Brenner
Tran Nguyen Khanh LinhUniv. Passau Martin Kreuzer Kähler differential algebras for finite point sets in P^n
Ulrich v. d. OheUniv. Osnabrück Tim Römer
Yvonne KaroskeUniv. Passau Martin Kreuzer The Reidemeister-Schreier Procedure
Zafeirakis ZafeirakopoulosRISC, Linz Veronika Pillwein Partition Analysis: Geometry, Algebra, Algorithms