ApCoA 2008

Hagenberg-Linz, Austria
24-26th July, 2008
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ApCoA 2008: Workshop on Approximate Commutative Algebra

The main topic of the workshop is research pertaining to computations with polynomials having approximate coefficients.

Those wishing to make an oral presentation at the workshop must also contribute a corresponding written article: these may be either original research or in the form of a tutorial/survey. All contributions will undergo the usual academic refereeing process, and those accepted will be published in the proceedings as a volume in the Springer "RISC Series".

ApCoA 2008 is co-organized by RICAM (Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, Austrian Academy of Science) and is part of RISC Summer 2008 event.


The early registration fee is 100 Euros (within 24th of June) and the late registration fee is 140 Euros.
The registration fee will cover the 3 lunches, the coffee breaks and the conference dinner.
Due to the limited number of rooms in the hotel in Hagenberg, register as soon as possible:
Registration system for the RISC Summer 2008
Transportation to Hagenberg
From railway station There is a bus stop right next to the train station. It will take you directly to Hagenberg. The ticket /person is 4.2 Euros. The departure (for the direct connections) from the trainstation in Linz is (schedule according to http://www.oebb.at -- Linz Hauptbahnhof / Hagenberg im Mühlkreis Ortsmitte): 06:00, 06:35, 07:35, 09:05, 11:05, 13:05, 14:05, 15:05, 16:05, 17:05, 18:05, 19:05, 20:15.
The bus number 310 leaves from the platforms C4-C5 of Linz Bus Station. The bus station is located next to the train station. The easiest way is to go out of the trainstation, arriving to the main entrance( where the stone lions are ), and then got to the left. In the big covered hall are all the platforms for the buses. The bus number 310 stops at platform C4-C5. This bus brings you directly to Hagenberg. In Hagenberg, you can leave the bus at the stop in front of the school (Volksschule) and walk 100 m towards the church/castle to get to RISC, or 300 m on the street and then turn left to get to Hotel Sommerhaus.
From airport We did not receive enough requests to arrange 8-person taxies.
The distance between the airport and Hagenberg is around 40 km. A taxi will cost up to 100 Euros to take you to Hagenberg.
The "Flughafenbus" goes to the main train station of Linz and costs 2,50 Eur. The bus stop is at the arrival hall. It departs (from Monday to Saturday) every hour, starting from 06:00 until 19:00. Its schedule is available at: http://www.linz-airport.at/www/cm/bda/en/departure/in_airport/bus.html.

Map of Hagenberg


In 2006 the Radon Institute of Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM) of the Austrian Academy of Science and the Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC) of the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria organized a "Special Semester on Groebner Bases and Related Methods" designed and directed by Professor Bruno Buchberger, the inventor of Groebner basis theory and method. The special semester consisted mainly of a series of workshops on various aspects of the theory of Groebner bases and on important applications of the method.

As part of this series, Prof. L. Robbiano conducted the Workshop B1 entitled Approximate Commutative Algebra (during 20-24th Feb 2006).

Invited speakers

(45min presentations)

Tentative schedule


09:00-10:00INVITED SPEAKER: Hans J. Stetter
ApCoA = Embedding Commutative Algebra into Analysis (my view of computational algebra over C)
10:15-11:00 Robin Scott
Geometric Involutive Bases and Applications to Approximate Commutative Algebra
11:15-11:45 M. Laura Torrente
The Stable Order Ideal (SOI) Algorithm
11:45-12:15 Claudia Fassino
The Numerical Buchberger-Möller (NBM) Algorithm
14:30-15:30INVITED SPEAKER: Boris Shekhtman
Ideal Interpolation: Translations to and from Algebraic Geometry
16:00-17:00INVITED SPEAKER: Zhonggang Zeng
Regularization and Matrix Computation in Numerical Polynomial Algebra


10:15-11:15 INVITED SPEAKER: Andrew J. Sommese
Recent Results in Numerical Algebraic Geometry.
11:30-12:15 Wenyuan Wu
Towards Geometric Completion of Differential Systems by Points
14:45-15:45INVITED SPEAKER: Erich Kaltofen
Exact certification in a Global Polynomial Optimization Via Rationalizing Sums-Of-Squares
16:15-17:00Martin Kreuzer
On the computation of Approximate Border Bases
17:15-17:45Lorenzo Robbiano
Border Basis and Gröbner Basis Schemes
19:30Bus departure from the castle for the conference dinner


10:00-10:20John Abbott
Twin Floats in CoCoALib
10:20-12:15Informal talks and discussion

Important dates

Submissions of article (or extended abstract) 28th March 2008
Referees' verdicts 10th May 2008
Early registration 24th June 2008
Final version of accepted articles 30th June 2008
Final version of invited articles 30th June 2008
Conference 24-26th July 2008 (between ISSAC 2008 and ACA 2008)

To send your submission, or ask questions, or require further information, write to: apcoa2008@dima.unige.it

Organizing committee