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User documentation for file utils.H

This file defines a few very basic functions which I feel should really be part of the standard C++. Nevertheless I have placed all definitions inside the namespace CoCoA. Here is a summary:

Maintainer documentation for files utils.H

Everything is in utils.H; the functions are all so simple that they can be implemented inline.

Impl of template fn MaxSquarableInteger uses GMP to compute the memorized values. A table of constants would be faster but potentially less portable (given that CoCoALib requires GMP anyway). I haven't yet found a neat way of ensuring that the type T is integral & bounded.

Bugs, Shortcomings and other ideas

A possibly better idea for MaxSquarableInteger: precompute 2^63*sqrt(2) as unsigned long, then simply right shift this value for integral types with less than 127 bits. This suggestion presupposes a binary computer.

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