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User documentation

As CoCoALib develops and evolves, it is sometimes necessary to modify functions (e.g. change the name, change the args). To simplify the passage from on older version of CoCoALib to a newer one, the obsolescent functions are placed into the files obsolescent.H and obsolescent.C.

To compile code using an obsolescent function, you must include both CoCoA/library.H and CoCoA/obsolescent.H. The obsolescent functions are no longer considered part of CoCoALib, so do not appear in CoCoALib's combined header.

To run code which uses obsolescent functions, you must give the option AllowObsolescentFns to GlobalManager. Note that each call to an obsolescent function will cause a log message to be printed out -- this is to encourage you to update your code!

We do not list the obsolescent functions here: you are not supposed to use them!

Maintainer documentation

Each obsolescent fn should call LogObsolescentFn immediately upon entry; this function either throws ERR::OBSOLESCENT or prints out a log message.

Bugs, shortcomings and other ideas

Should the log message be printed to std::clog or std::cout? Currently they are printed on std::clog but that causes the example program to report failure...

Main changes