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CoCoALib Documentation Index

User documentation for file library.H

library.H is generated by running make in the include/CoCoA/ directory (which is also called by the general make in the CoCoALib directory).

It includes all the .H files of CoCoALib, so, copying the lines

    #include "CoCoA/library.H"
    using namespace CoCoA;

is the easiest way to use it (see the examples directory)

When you include library.H you are also guaranteed to include

    #include <algorithm>// using std::transform; from apply.H
    #include <bitset>   // using std::bitset;    from DivMask.H
    #include <cstddef>  // using std::size_t;    from MemPool.H and BigInt.H
    #include <exception>// using std::exception; from error.H
    #include <gmp.h>    //                       from BigInt.H
    #include <iosfwd>   // using std::ostream;   from PPOrdering.H and BigInt.H
    #include <iostream> // using std::istream; using std::ostream;  from io.H
    #include <list>     // using std::list;      from QBGenerator.H and io.H
    #include <memory>   // using std::auto_ptr;  from MemPool.H
    #include <string>   // using std::string;    from MemPool.H and symbol.H
    #include <vector>   // using std::vector;    from DenseMatrix.H and io.H

For maintenance purposes we list the most stable files including them. This list is probably not complete, but should be pretty reliable in the years to come.

Common includes

To ensure portability you should specify what you use and where it is defined. Moreover you should not have a using in a .H file.

Here is a list of the most common includes, for more details look at Jossutis C++ Standard Library.

  #include <algorithm>
  using std::back_inserter;
  using std::copy;
  using std::count_if;
  using std::fill;
  using std::find;
  using std::find_if;
  using std::for_each;
  using std::max;
  using std::min;
  using std::sort;
  using std::stable_sort;
  using std::swap;
  #include <list>
  using std::list;
  #include <cstddef>
  using std::size_t;
  #include <cstdlib>
  using std::abs;
  using std::size_t;
  #include <cstring>
  using std::memcpy;
  #include <functional>
  using std::binary_function;
  using std::bind1st;
  using std::bind2nd;
  using std::less;
  using std::mem_fun_ref; // for calling GPair::complete on GPairList
  #include <iostream>
  using std::endl;
  using std::flush;
  using std::ostream;
  #include <iterator>
  #include <limits>
  using std::numeric_limits;
  #include <memory>
  using std::auto_ptr;
  #include <new>
  // for placement new
  #include <set>
  using std::set;
  #include <string>
  using std::string;
  #include <utility>
  using std::make_pair;
  #include <vector>
  using std::vector;