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There are several functions for computing factorizations of ring elements. The factorizations produced have different properties.

NOTE The irreducible factorization of a polynomial with rational coefficients produces factors with integer coefficients (and integer content = 1) having positive leading coefficient. The remaining factor is the unique rational number (actually a polynomial of degree 0) which makes the factorization correct.

Maintainer documentation

SqFreeFactor is new code; should be reasonably clean and efficient. Originally written by d'Ali` but then considerably modified by JAA. The code is based on Bernardin's paper "On square-free factorization of multivariate polynomials over a finite field" in Theoretical Computer Science (special volume on algebra) Volume 187 Issue 1-2, Nov. 15, 1997 Pages 105 - 116.

ContentFreeFactor is a fairly simplistic recursive method; most of the work is done by ContentFreeFactorLoop.

factor is still only a prototype -- just uses old C4 code to do the work.

Bugs, shortcomings and other ideas

factor still only a prototype -- just uses old C4 code to do the work.

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