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An easy way to add a new documentation file is to make a copy of this file and edit its contents as you want. See the mini-manual below for some examples of how to change font, make tables, etc.

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mini-manual for writing cocoalib documentation using txt2tags

Compare the documentation text (text2tags) source the html version:


This is how to type italic, bold, code. And also

  preformatted/verbatim single line ("```" in the first column)
  preformatted/verbatim region
  second line


Links to other files in the documentation are given by double square brackets: for example PPMonoid will produce a link to the file/section generated by PPMonoid.txt. It will also write the word as "code". Always suggested when mentioning a class with the same name as the .txt file (except within the file itself).

Links inside other files are done like this: See matrix operations

NOTE since [ ] are used by txt2tags for defining links, even though it is fairly clever, we suggest not use them in non verbatim text. this will become a link to the last


Alignment is not important, but you must leave a space between the text and the |s. No newlines allowed.

th1 th2 th3
td td td
td td td


Lists end with 2 blank lines or with the list item character followed by an empty line:

The list item character is

Lines should start with - blahblah... (exactly 1 space)

You may have nested (and mixed) lists (leaving heading spaces)


More txt2tags

To know more and to download txt2tags visit the website http://txt2tags.sourceforge.net

Main changes