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User documentation for files config.H

The file config.H defines certain global concepts which may be used by any of the files in CoCoALib; in particular, this will include any definitions needed to ensure platform independence. Consequently, every header file in the CoCoA library should include the header file CoCoA/config.H.

The file config.H contains the following:

Maintainer documentation for files config.H and config.C

The typedef for SmallFpElem_t fixes the choice of representing type for elements in a SmallFpImpl which are used to implement a RingFpImpl; the type SmallFpLogElem_t does the same for SmallFpLogImpl and RingFpLogImpl. These types should be some size of unsigned integer; the best choices are probably platform dependent. If you want to try different choices, you will probably have to recompile the whole CoCoA library.

The typedef for SmallExponent_t should be an unsigned integer type. It is used in the PPMonoids which use an "order vector".

Bugs, Shortcomings, and other ideas

Putting SmallFpElem_t and SmallFpLog_t here is ugly. How can I do it better?

Shouldn't these typedefs be moved to the corresponding *.H files? What is the point of putting them here???