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User documentation for using the UniversalInvolutiveBasisContainer

The normal user should not use this class directly. The class UniversalInvolutiveBasisContainer (short UIBC) is only an interface between everything which is related to involutive bases and the ideal class.

Maintainer documentation for UIBC

Goal of UIBC

The UIBC acts as an interface between JBMill/PBMill and an ideal. It handles every request of an ideal to a JBMill/PBMill and computes if necessary a Janet or Pommaret basis. In addition to that the UIBC stores every computed value which is related to a Janet or Pommaret basis. Therefore it needs to compute values like the dimension only once, because for additional calls it already knows these values.

Implementation of UIBC

The UIBC is designed as a subclass of IntrusiveReferenceCount. The reason for that is that we use this class as a SmartPtrIRC. Nearly every datamember of UIBC is mutable one. The only non-mutable one is gens, which is a vector of RingElems. gens is constant e.g. after the initialization we can't change this value anymore. As all other data members of UIBC are directly dependent from this generating set we make them mutable. In general every mutable data member is 'empty'. Only if the user requests one of this values we check if this value is non-empty and return it. If is empty we compute this value and return it.

The class SparsePolyRing::IdealImpl contains SmartPtrIRC<Involutive::UniversalInvolutiveBasisContainer> as data member. It implements several methods to compute values via the UIBC. In addition to that we have some non-member methods in the namespace Involutive, which access these methods.


At the moment UIBC contains a JBMill and a PBMill. Because PBMill is a subclass of JBMill which only extens JBMill it would be better if (in case of delta-regular coordinates) we only store a PBMill.

It would be useful to set different Janet basis computation strategies via the ideal implementation. But for this we need to know Involutive::StrategyFlag already in SparsePolyRing.C. But that is not a clean solution... (See discussion in redmine!)