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The name SmartPtrIRCCOW stands for Smart Pointer with Intrusive Reference Count and Copy-on-write. (or Lazy Copy).

It is very similar to SmartPtrIRC, where two cooperating classes are SmartPtrIRCCOW and IntrusiveReferenceCountCOWBase, but also allows assigning, copying, and modifying.

Maintainer documentation for files SmartPtrIRCCOW

The abstract class IntrusiveReferenceCountCOWBase inherits from IntrusiveReferenceCount (see documentation for SmartPtrIRC), with an additional pure virtual function myClone which must be implemented by the concrete class returning a deep copy of the object.

The template class SmartPtrIRCCOW<T> is implemented with one data member:

   private:     SmartPtrIRC<T> mySmartPtr;

Which does (almost) all the work. The core for the copy-on-write behaviour is the member function:

   private:     void myDetach()

which (if necessary) makes a new deep copy with reference count 1 and decrements the reference count of the original object.

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