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User documentation

These are the functions for creating a RingElem from a string or an istream. Let str be a string, in be a string or istream (e.g. reading from file), and R any ring. They both return the expression read from in and evaluated in R.

Recognized operations in the string are:

  + - * / ^ ()

The expression may contain integer constants or decimals (which are read as exact rational numbers, e.g. 1.25 is read the same as (5/4)). The expression may contain symbols (any indices are placed after the symbol head inside square brackets, and separated by commas).

Maintainer documentation

Code is so nice it does not need any documentation! ;-)

Bugs, shortcomings and other ideas

Potentially ambiguous expressions such as 1/2/3 are accepted (without any warning message), and interpreted as (1/2)/3.

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