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RingDistrMPolyInlPP implements a ring of distributed multivariate polynomials: you may think of the elements as being ordered lists of coefficient and power product pairs (with the additional guarantee that the coefficients are non-zero, and that the power products are all distinct. The best way to create a RingDistrMPolyInlPP is to use the function NewPolyRing_DMPI (see SparsePolyRing)

A RingDistrMPolyInlPP is a concrete instance of a SparsePolyRing.

Internally polynomials have a "compact" representation: the power products are held "in-line". To allow this the PPMonoid must be of type PPMonoidOv.

Constructors and pseudo-constructors

There is a single ctor which is normally called by one of the pseudo-ctors called NewPolyRing_DMPI.


See SparsePolyRing and PolyRing for operations.

Maintainer documentation

Most of the real work is delegated to DistrMPolyInlPP; pratically all member fns forward to DistrMPolyInlPP.

Note that the PPM must be of type PPMonoidOv!

Bugs, shortcomings and other ideas

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Main changes