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User documentation for the class RingDistrMPolyClean

RingDistrMPoly implements a ring of distributed multivariate polynomials: you may think of the elements as being ordered lists of coefficient and power product pairs (with the additional guarantee that the coefficients are non-zero, and that the power products are all distinct.

A RingDistrMPoly is a concrete instance of a SparsePolyRing.

Maintainer documentation for the class RingDistrMPoly

I have implemented HomImpl and IdealImpl as private subclasses since their existence should not be known outside the scope of the class RingDistrMPolyImpl.

Bugs and Shortcomings

Documentation almost completely absent.

The implementation of RingDistrMPolyImpl::HomImpl::myApply is very poor. I simply needed some easy code that would work. A major overhaul will be needed when I have understood how best to implement it.