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User documentation

Quick and easy way to add a single operation

When you want to have some operation accessible from CoCoA-4 you need to make these steps:

Register your ServerOpBase in bool RegisterOps() at the end of the file:

   void RegisterOp(const std::string& s, ServerOp o);

where s is the "OpenMath name" of the operation for the communication with CoCoA-4 (used in cocoa5.cpkg).

Properly, you need to choose 3 names for your operation:

Proper way to add a library

You should make a dedicated file RegisterServerOpsMyOperations.C (see, for example, src/AlgebraicCore/RegisterServerOpsFrobby.C)

Then you should choose a meaningful name for the namespace of your operations (for example CoCoAServerOperationsFromFrobby) and define your own RegisterOps and copy the function RegisterOpsOnce:

    namespace NamespaceForMyOperations
      bool RegisterOps()
        RegisterOp("OpenMathName1", ServerOp(new CoCoALibName1()));
        RegisterOp("OpenMathName2", ServerOp(new CoCoALibName2()));
        return true;
      bool RegisterOpsOnce()
        static bool EvalOnce = RegisterOps();
        return EvalOnce;

Then add in src/server/RegisterServerOps.H the registration of your operations simply copying these lines:

    namespace NamespaceForMyOperations
      bool RegisterOpsOnce();
      bool GlobalDummyVar = RegisterOpsOnce();

or make a dedicated file MyRegisterServerOps.H (see, for example, src/server/RegisterServerOpsFrobby.H) and include it in src/server/CoCoAServer.C

Mantainer documentation

How does this work? When CoCoAServer.C is compiled the global variables are initialized.

Therefore NamespaceForMyOperations::GlobalDummyVar which is declared in the included file RegisterServerOps.H is initialized by calling NamespaceForMyOperations::RegisterOpsOnce() with the side effect of registering your operations.

Main changes


Cleaned up the documentation after integration of the Frobby library.