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class ReductionCogBase

ReductionCogBase is an abstract class to perform a full reduction:

it contains two parts: "IgnoredPPs" summands whose PPs are to be ignored "Active" the part which will be reduced Thanks to the limited operations allowed on a ReductionCog, all PP in IgnoredPPs are gueranteed bigger than the PPs in the Active part.

with a ReductionCog F you can compute:

ActiveLPP(F) the LPP of the Active part IsActiveZero(F) is the Active part zero?

F.myMoveToNextLM() move the LM of the Active part to the IgnoredPPs F.myReduce(f) reduce the Active part with f F.myAssignReset(f) the Active part gets f; f and IgnoredPPs get 0 F.myAssignReset(f, fLen) same as above but faster for geobucket implementation F.myRelease(f) F gets the total value of f; f gets 0 F.myOutput(out)

The idea is that LM will be reduced first, if the result is not 0 it will be "set aside and ignored" and the new LM of the Active part will be reduced, and so on.

The result of myReduce is defined up to a constant (in the coefficients ring)

Constructors are

    ReductionCog NewRedCogPolyField(const SparsePolyRing& P);
    ReductionCog NewRedCogPolyGCD(const SparsePolyRing& P);
    ReductionCog NewRedCogGeobucketField(const SparsePolyRing& P);
    ReductionCog NewRedCogGeobucketGCD(const SparsePolyRing& P);

If "GCD" myRelease makes poly content free, but if "Field: myRelease does NOT make poly monic. ... I can't remember why I made this choice....


    ReductionCog F = ChooseReductionCogGeobucket(myGRingInfoValue);
    F->myAssignReset(f, fLen);
    while ( !IsActiveZero(F) )
      (..) // find reducer g or break


in general the geobucket implementation are to be preferred

this implementation contains two RingElem.

this implementation contains two polynomials [RingElem] two coefficients [RingElem] and a counter

this implementation contains a RingElem for the IgnoredPPs and a geobucket for the Active part

this implementation contains a RingElem for the IgnoredPPs and a geobucket for the Active part two coefficients [RingElem] and a counter