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User documentation for the class PPMonoidHom

The class PPMonoidHom is used for representing homomorphisms between PPMonoids. Each indeterminate in the domain monoid maps into an element of the codomain (i.e. a power product).


Functions for PPMonoidHoms

Here is a list of the (pseudo-)ctors for PPMonoidHom

The PPMonoidHom object may be applied to a value by using normal function call syntax: for instance

     PPMonoidElem t =  ...;
     PPMonoidHom phi = ...;
     cout << "phi applied to t gives " << phi(t) << endl;

Given a PPMonoidHom you can find out its domain and codomain:

domain(phi) the domain of phi as a PPMonoid
codomain(phi) the codomain of phi as a PPMonoid

Library Contributor Documentation

Maintainer documentation for PPMonoid, PPMonoidElem, and PPMonoidBase

Bugs, Shortcomings and other ideas

Add some more special cases: e.g. permutations of the indets, and the "identity" between PPMonoids which differ only in their orderings.

Should we allow partial homs? e.g. one which maps x^2 to y (so odd powers of x have no image).