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User documentation for FGModule

FGModule is a reference counting smart pointer to an object of type FGModuleBase. Its value represents a Finitely Generated Module. Most modules in CoCoALib will probably actually be FGModules.

Let v be a ModuleElem belonging to an FGModule. Then we can access the various components of v using a syntax like that for indexing into a std::vector. Thus v[n] gives the n-th component (which will be a RingElem.


Maintainer documentation for FGModule


Bugs, Shortcomings and other ideas

Documentation does not exist.

There was a suggestion to merge module.* with FGModule.* based on the reasoning that in practice all modules will (probably) be FGModules, so the distinction is rather pointless.

FGModule.C is jolly small -- probably some code is missing.