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User documentation

CoCoALib can use various "external libraries" to extend the range of functions it offers. The function ExternalLibs produces a list of the external libraries which have been compiled into CoCoALib. Note that the GMP library is obligatory, and so will always appear in the list.


There is just one function

Each entry in the vector corresponds to a single external library. The ExternalLibInfo struct contains 3 fields (all have type std::string):

Maintainer documentation

The implementation is not so pretty: it depends on the preprocessor flags set in the file PREPROCESS_DEFNS.H. The library name is the name I usually use when refering to the library. The version number is whatever the library makes available (otherwise just the string "UNKNOWN"). The URL was typed in by hand.

Bugs, shortcomings and other ideas

Some of the information about the library has been typed in manually.

Main changes