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Normaliz is a tool for computations in affine monoids, vector configurations, lattice polytopes, and rational cones.

Here we should include the manual for the normaliz flags/functions, but we wait until libnormaliz interface is more stable. For the moment look at the examples for available functions on NormalizCones and setting flags.


Download and compile Normaliz

**libnormaliz** website

Download and compile Normaliz following the instructions from the website.

First time

  git clone https://github.com/Normaliz/Normaliz.git

Update (from the Normaliz git folder)

  git pull

Official instructions



(needs gcc > 4.4) for local libraries do:

  mkdir BUILD
  cd BUILD
  cmake -DBOOST_ROOT=/Users/bigatti/0.99/boost_1_67_0 \
        -DGMP_INCLUDE_DIR=/Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.0 \
        -DGMPXX_INCLUDE_DIR=/Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.2 \
        -DGMP_LIBRARIES=/Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.2/.libs/libgmp.a \
        -DGMPXX_LIBRARIES=/Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.2/.libs/libgmpxx.a \
        -DGMP_STATIC_LIBRARIES=/Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.2/.libs/libgmp.a \
        -DGMPXX_STATIC_LIBRARIES=/Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.2/.libs/libgmpxx.a \

Finally, to make some refinements, in a terminal (not emacs!)

  cd BUILD
  ccmake .

and then (pressing enter in the specified line)

   NMZ_BUILD_STATIC                 ON                                           
   NMZ_OPENMP                       OFF  

then also select [t] and (press enter - insert - press enter)

   CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS                  -Wno-long-long

press [c] configure and then press [g] generate and make

Personal instructions


I had problems so I did this

  ./configure --with-gmp=/Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.2/ --enable-openmp=no --enable-shared=no --enable-fast-install=no --disable-libtool-lock 
    <adjusted gmp path for include and lib in source/Makefile >
  cd source

Then I have libnormaliz.a in .libs and that's all I need for cocoa.

*OLD* (but I don't dare deleting it yet)

I had problems following the given instructions, so I added

  GMPFLAGS = -I /Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.2/ -L/Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.2/.libs -lgmpxx -lgmp
  BOOSTFLAGS = -I /Users/bigatti/0.99/boost_1_61_0/ -L/Users/bigatti/0.99/boost_1_61_0/libs

to source/Makefile.configuration and then compiled with ```OPENMP=no make -f Makefile.classic Then I get the error

  ld: library not found for -lcrt0.o

which is solved by removing -static from the last command, for example:

  g++  -I /Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.0/ -L/Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.0/.libs -lgmpxx -lgmp -I /Users/bigatti/0.99/boost_1_61_0/ -L/Users/bigatti/0.99/boost_1_61_0/libs -std=c++11 -Wall -pedantic -O3 -funroll-loops -g        -Wno-unknown-pragmas   -I .  normaliz.o libnormaliz/libnormaliz.a  -I /Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.0/ -L/Users/bigatti/0.99/gmp-6.1.0/.libs -lgmpxx -lgmp -I /Users/bigatti/0.99/boost_1_61_0/ -L/Users/bigatti/0.99/boost_1_61_0/libs -o normaliz

Compile CoCoALib with Normaliz

Then configure and compile CoCoALib typing

  cd CoCoALib-0.99
  ./configure --with-libnormaliz=<your_path_to>/libnormaliz.a

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