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GFan is a tool for computations in ....

Here we should include the manual for the gfanlib flags/functions, ...


Download and compile Gfan

**gfan** website
**cdd** website

Compile cdd: if you are using a local installation of gmp, compile like this

  ./configure --prefix="/PATH/cddlib-094h" CFLAGS="-I/PATH/gmp -L/PATH/gmp/.libs"
  make install

For compatibility with GFan, header files should be (as they did in a previous version of cdd) in cddlib-094h/include/cdd:

  mkdir include/cdd
  mv include/*.h include/cdd

Now compile gfanlib:

  export CPPFLAGS="-I/PATH/cddlib-094h/include/cdd"
  make includedir=/Users/bigatti/0.99/cddlib-094h/include

I get

  configure: WARNING: cdd.h: present but cannot be compiled

(does not seem to matter)

Compile CoCoALib with libgfan

Then configure and compile CoCoALib typing

  cd CoCoALib-0.99
  ./configure --with-libgfan=<PATH>/libgfan.a --with-libcddgmp=<PATH>/libcddgmp.a

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