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Frobby is a software system and project for computations with monomial ideals. Frobby is free software and it is intended as a vehicle for research on monomial ideals, as well as a useful practical tool for investigating monomial ideals.

Available functions:

    long dimension(const ideal& I);
    ideal AlexanderDualFrobby(I, pp);
    ideal AlexanderDualFrobby(I);
    ideal MaximalStandardMonomialsFrobby(I);
    void IrreducibleDecompositionFrobby(std::vector<ideal>& components, I);
    void PrimaryDecompositionFrobby(std::vector<ideal>& components, I);
    void AssociatedPrimesFrobby(std::vector<ideal>& primes, I);
    RingElem MultigradedHilbertPoincareNumeratorFrobby(I);
    RingElem TotalDegreeHilbertPoincareNumeratorFrobby(I);
    RingElem TotalDegreeHilbertPoincareNumeratorFrobby(I, const RingElem& base);


Download and compile Frobby

**frobby** website

CoCoALib requires Frobby release 0.9.0 or later. Download Frobby from the website.

IMPORTANT there are some minor mistakes in the frobby source code:

Configure and compile CoCoALib with frobby

Look to see where the library file libfrobby.a is -- on my computer it was inside the Frobby subdirectory bin/. Note the full path to the library file as you will need it when configuring CoCoALib!

Then configure and compile CoCoALib typing

  cd CoCoALib-0.99
  ./configure --with-libfrobby=<your_path_to>/libfrobby.a

Maintainer documentation

Bugs, shortcomings and other ideas

Currently Frobby is not really intended to be used as a library, so linking it with CoCoALib is not as simple as it could be. Hopefully this will soon change.

Main changes