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Class for representing square free monomials, or subsets of integers.

This is quite technical and useful only when efficiency is important.

Similar to a C++ bitset except that its size does not need to be fixed at compile time (hence the adjective dynamic).


Let n be an integer, pp a PPMonoidElem, b a DynamicBitset


Let DB1 and DB2 be two (const) values of type DynamicBitset

Member functions

Additionally, let DB be a non-const value of type DynamicBitset.

These two do not check that the index is valid:

output options

Default printing style is clean, i.e. as an STL bitset of the same size. Printing style can be changed by setting the variable DynamicBitset::ourOutputStyle Example with a 66-bit DynamicBitset on a 64-bit machine:

DynamicBitset::clean 0000000000000000000000000000000011
DynamicBitset::WithSeparators 00-00000000.00000000.00000000.00000011
DynamicBitset::AsRevVecOfLong [0, 3]

(see ex-DynamicBitset1.C).

Member functions

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Member fields (private)

std::vector<BitBlock> myVec;
unsigned long mySizeValue;

The long constant DynamicBitset::ourNumBitsInBlock stores number of bits contained in an unsigned long (normally 32 or 64).

So a DynamicBitset stores a STL vector of STL bitsets of (constant) size ourNumBitsInBlock called myVec. The field mySizeValue is the number of bits we intend to use. (e.g. in a 32 bit machine a DynamicBitset of size 60 is stored as a vector with 2 BitBlocks and will have 4 unused bits)

     enum OutputStyle {clean, AsRevVecOfLong, WithSeparators};

Member functions (private)

Bugs, shortcomings and other ideas


This class is needed because C++ bitset length has to be fixed at compile time. There is a class in boost named dynamic_bitset: if/when we decide CoCoALib inlude boost DynamicBitset will just call the boost implementation.


DynamicBitsets, unlike boost's dynamic_bitsets, are not stretchable: the resize function is private. They are used to represent square-free power-products, therefore changing size does not make sense. But there is no technical reason to forbid it, so we might make it available.

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