CoCoALib-0.9905 date: 23 May 2007

CoCoALib File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ApproxPts.H [code]
assert.H [code]
bool3.H [code]
BuildInfo.H [code]
CanonicalHom.H [code]
CoCoA4io.H [code]
config.H [code]
convert.H [code]
debug_new.H [code]
degree.H [code]
DenseMatrix.H [code]
DiagMatrix.H [code]
DistrMPoly.H [code]
DistrMPolyInlFpPP.H [code]
DistrMPolyInlPP.H [code]
DivMask.H [code]
EFGModule.H [code]
error.H [code]
FieldIdeal.H [code]
FractionField.H [code]
FreeModule.H [code]
geobucket.H [code]
GlobalManager.H [code]
GMPAllocator.H [code]
ideal.H [code]
io.H [code]
library.H [code]
MachineInteger.H [code]
matrix.H [code]
MatrixArith.H [code]
MemPool.H [code]
module.H [code]
ModuleTermOrdering.H [code]
OpenMath.H [code]
OpenMathXML.H [code]
OrdvArith.H [code]
PolyRing.H [code]
PPMonoid.H [code]
PPMonoidEv.H [code]
PPMonoidEvOv.H [code]
PPMonoidEvZZ.H [code]
PPMonoidOv.H [code]
PPMonoidSparse.H [code]
PPOrdering.H [code]
PPWithMask.H [code]
QBGenerator.H [code]
QuotientModule.H [code]
QuotientRing.H [code]
random.H [code]
ReductionCog.H [code]
ring.H [code]
RingDistrMPoly.H [code]
RingDistrMPolyInlFpPP.H [code]
RingDistrMPolyInlPP.H [code]
RingFloat.H [code]
RingFp.H [code]
RingFpDouble.H [code]
RingFpLog.H [code]
RingHom.H [code]
RingQ.H [code]
RingWeyl.H [code]
RingZ.H [code]
ServerOp.H [code]
SmallFpDoubleImpl.H [code]
SmallFpImpl.H [code]
SmallFpLogImpl.H [code]
SmallPrime.H [code]
SmartPtrIRC.H [code]
SparsePolyRing.H [code]
SpecialMatrix.H [code]
submodule.H [code]
symbol.H [code]
time.H [code]
tmp.H [code]
TmpF5.H [code]
TmpFactor.H [code]
TmpGOperations.H [code]
TmpGPair.H [code]
TmpGPoly.H [code]
TmpGReductor.H [code]
TmpGRStats.H [code]
TmpGTypes.H [code]
TmpHilbert.H [code]
TmpIsTree.H [code]
utils.H [code]
ZZ.H [code]

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