CoCoALib-0.9905 date: 23 May 2007

CoCoA::facet Member List

This is the complete list of members for CoCoA::facet, including all inherited members.

AreDirectlyConnected(const facet &, const facet &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
contains(const facet &, const facet &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
facet(const std::vector< long > &)CoCoA::facet
facet(const facet &)CoCoA::facet
facet()CoCoA::facet [inline]
Facet2RingElem(const PolyRing &, const facet &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
FacetIntersection(const facet &, const facet &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
FacetList2PolyList(const PolyRing &, const std::list< facet > &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
IsFLesser(const facet &, const facet &, const facet &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
lesser(const facet &) const CoCoA::facet [inline]
lesser(const facet &, const facet &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
myAmIEmpty() const CoCoA::facet [inline]
myAmINotEmpty() const CoCoA::facet [inline]
myIsEntryThere(const unsigned int j) const CoCoA::facet [inline]
mySetEntryThere(const unsigned int j, bool value)CoCoA::facet [inline]
myVertices() const CoCoA::facet [inline]
operator &=(const facet &)CoCoA::facet [inline]
operator!=(const facet &the_facet) const CoCoA::facet [inline]
operator+(const facet &, const facet &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
operator+=(const facet &)CoCoA::facet [inline]
operator-(const facet &, const facet &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
operator-=(const facet &)CoCoA::facet [inline]
operator<<(std::ostream &, const facet &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
operator=(const facet &)CoCoA::facet [inline]
operator==(const facet &the_facet) const CoCoA::facet [inline]
PolyList2FacetList(const PolyRing &, const PolyList &)CoCoA::facet [friend]
size() const CoCoA::facet [inline]
~facet()CoCoA::facet [inline]

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