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CoCoA::Reductors Class Reference

#include <TmpGPoly.H>

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Public Types

enum  UseBorelMarker { UseBorel, DontUseBorel }

Public Member Functions

 Reductors (const GRingInfo &P)
 Reductors (const GRingInfo &P, const UseBorelMarker)
 ~Reductors ()
void Insert (GPoly *, const unsigned int count=0)
UseBorelMarker IhaveBorelReductors () const
unsigned int size () const
void myStampaReductors (std::ostream &) const
const GRingInfomyGRingInfo () const
void interreduce (const GPoly &)
void OrderedInterreduce (const GPoly &)
void SuperInterreduce (const GPoly &)
void myBorelReductorsUpdateInNextDegree ()
void clear ()
std::vector< ReductorData
find (GPoly *)


const SparsePolyRingowner (const Reductors &)
const PPMonoidPPM (const Reductors &)
void interreduce (Reductors &, GPoly)
void OrderedInterreduce (Reductors &, GPoly)
void reduce (const Reductors &)
void ReduceTail (const Reductors &)
GPolyFindReducer (const PPWithMask &pp, const unsigned int pp_component, const Reductors &theReductors)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 404 of file TmpGPoly.H.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum CoCoA::Reductors::UseBorelMarker


Definition at line 407 of file TmpGPoly.H.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CoCoA::Reductors::Reductors const GRingInfo P  ) 

CoCoA::Reductors::Reductors const GRingInfo P,
const   UseBorelMarker

CoCoA::Reductors::~Reductors  )  [inline]

Definition at line 411 of file TmpGPoly.H.

Member Function Documentation

void CoCoA::Reductors::Insert GPoly ,
const unsigned int  count = 0

UseBorelMarker CoCoA::Reductors::IhaveBorelReductors  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 413 of file TmpGPoly.H.

References DontUseBorel, and UseBorel.

unsigned int CoCoA::Reductors::size  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 416 of file TmpGPoly.H.

Referenced by CoCoA::GReductor::myReductorsLen().

void CoCoA::Reductors::myStampaReductors std::ostream &   )  const

const GRingInfo& CoCoA::Reductors::myGRingInfo  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 418 of file TmpGPoly.H.

void CoCoA::Reductors::interreduce const GPoly  ) 

void CoCoA::Reductors::OrderedInterreduce const GPoly  ) 

void CoCoA::Reductors::SuperInterreduce const GPoly  ) 

void CoCoA::Reductors::myBorelReductorsUpdateInNextDegree  ) 

void CoCoA::Reductors::clear  ) 

std::vector<ReductorData>::iterator CoCoA::Reductors::find GPoly  ) 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

const SparsePolyRing& owner const Reductors  )  [friend]

const PPMonoid& PPM const Reductors  )  [friend]

void interreduce Reductors ,

void OrderedInterreduce Reductors ,

void reduce const Reductors  )  [friend]

void ReduceTail const Reductors  )  [friend]

GPoly* FindReducer const PPWithMask pp,
const unsigned int  pp_component,
const Reductors theReductors

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