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CoCoA::MemPoolDebug Class Reference

#include <MemPool.H>

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Public Member Functions

 MemPoolDebug (std::size_t sz, const std::string &name="Unnamed-MemPool", std::size_t debug_margin=ourDefaultMarginSize)
 ~MemPoolDebug ()
void * alloc ()
void * alloc (std::size_t)
void free (void *)
void free (void *, std::size_t)
void InterceptAlloc (std::size_t nth)
void InterceptFree (std::size_t nth)
void SetDebugLevel (unsigned int lev)
void SetVerbosityLevel (unsigned int lev)

Static Public Attributes

static unsigned int ourInitialVerbosityLevel
static unsigned int ourInitialDebugLevel
static unsigned int ourDefaultMarginSize
static double ourOutputStatusInterval

Detailed Description

Definition at line 139 of file MemPool.H.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::MemPoolDebug std::size_t  sz,
const std::string &  name = "Unnamed-MemPool",
std::size_t  debug_margin = ourDefaultMarginSize

CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::~MemPoolDebug  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void* CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::alloc  ) 

void* CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::alloc std::size_t   ) 

void CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::free void *   ) 

void CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::free void *  ,

void CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::InterceptAlloc std::size_t  nth  ) 

void CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::InterceptFree std::size_t  nth  ) 

void CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::SetDebugLevel unsigned int  lev  ) 

void CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::SetVerbosityLevel unsigned int  lev  ) 

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::ourInitialVerbosityLevel [static]

Definition at line 157 of file MemPool.H.

unsigned int CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::ourInitialDebugLevel [static]

Definition at line 158 of file MemPool.H.

unsigned int CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::ourDefaultMarginSize [static]

Definition at line 159 of file MemPool.H.

double CoCoA::MemPoolDebug::ourOutputStatusInterval [static]

Definition at line 160 of file MemPool.H.

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