CoCoALib-0.9905 date: 23 May 2007

CoCoA::ConstRefRingElem Member List

This is the complete list of members for CoCoA::ConstRefRingElem, including all inherited members.

ConstRefRingElem(const ring &R, RingElemConstRawPtr rawx)CoCoA::ConstRefRingElem [inline]
myOwner() const CoCoA::ConstRefRingElem [inline, protected]
myRawPtr() const CoCoA::ConstRefRingElem [inline, protected]
myValuePtrCoCoA::ConstRefRingElem [protected]
owner(const ConstRefRingElem &x)CoCoA::ConstRefRingElem [friend]
raw(const ConstRefRingElem &x)CoCoA::ConstRefRingElem [friend]

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