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ZZ.H File Reference

#include "CoCoA/assert.H"
#include "CoCoA/MachineInteger.H"
#include <cstddef>
#include <string>
#include <iosfwd>
#include <gmp.h>

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namespace  CoCoA


class  CoCoA::ZZ
class  CoCoA::ZZ::rtn


std::ostream & CoCoA::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const ZZ &N)
std::istream & CoCoA::operator>> (std::istream &in, ZZ &N)
void CoCoA::swap (ZZ &a, ZZ &b)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::abs (const ZZ &N)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator- (const ZZ &N)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator+ (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator- (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator * (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator/ (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator% (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator+ (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator- (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator * (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator/ (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator% (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator+ (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator- (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator * (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator/ (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::operator% (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::power (const ZZ &base, const ZZ &exponent)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::power (const ZZ &base, MachineInteger exponent)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::power (MachineInteger base, const ZZ &exponent)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::power (MachineInteger base, MachineInteger exponent)
void CoCoA::powermod (ZZ &dest, const ZZ &base, const ZZ &exp, const ZZ &modulus)
void CoCoA::powermod (ZZ &dest, const ZZ &base, MachineInteger exp, const ZZ &modulus)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::gcd (const ZZ &a, const ZZ &b)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::lcm (const ZZ &a, const ZZ &b)
void CoCoA::gcdext (ZZ &g, ZZ &c_a, ZZ &c_b, const ZZ &a, const ZZ &b)
bool CoCoA::invmod (ZZ &dest, const ZZ &r, const ZZ &m)
void CoCoA::add (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::sub (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::mul (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::div (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::mod (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::quorem (ZZ &quo, ZZ &rem, const ZZ &num, const ZZ &den)
void CoCoA::divexact (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::add (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
void CoCoA::sub (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
void CoCoA::mul (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
void CoCoA::div (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
void CoCoA::mod (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
void CoCoA::quorem (ZZ &quo, ZZ &rem, const ZZ &num, MachineInteger den)
void CoCoA::add (ZZ &lhs, MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::sub (ZZ &lhs, MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::mul (ZZ &lhs, MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::div (ZZ &lhs, MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::mod (ZZ &lhs, MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::quorem (ZZ &quo, ZZ &rem, MachineInteger num, const ZZ &den)
void CoCoA::neg (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &rhs)
void CoCoA::abs (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &rhs)
void CoCoA::gcd (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
void CoCoA::lcm (ZZ &lhs, const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::IsZero (const ZZ &N)
bool CoCoA::IsOne (const ZZ &N)
bool CoCoA::IsMinusOne (const ZZ &N)
bool CoCoA::IsPositive (const ZZ &N)
bool CoCoA::IsNegative (const ZZ &N)
int CoCoA::sign (const ZZ &N)
bool CoCoA::IsOdd (const ZZ &N)
bool CoCoA::IsEven (const ZZ &N)
bool CoCoA::IsPPrime (const ZZ &N, unsigned int niters=25)
bool CoCoA::IsPPrime (MachineInteger n, unsigned int NumIters=25)
int CoCoA::cmp (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
int CoCoA::cmp (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
int CoCoA::cmp (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator== (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator!= (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator> (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator>= (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator< (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator<= (const ZZ &N1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator== (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
bool CoCoA::operator!= (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
bool CoCoA::operator> (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
bool CoCoA::operator>= (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
bool CoCoA::operator< (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
bool CoCoA::operator<= (const ZZ &N1, MachineInteger n2)
bool CoCoA::operator== (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator!= (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator> (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator>= (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator< (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
bool CoCoA::operator<= (MachineInteger n1, const ZZ &N2)
double CoCoA::mantissa (const ZZ &n)
std::size_t CoCoA::exponent (const ZZ &n)
std::size_t CoCoA::NumDigits (const ZZ &n, int base=2)
double CoCoA::log (const ZZ &n)
ZZ::rtn CoCoA::RangeFactorial (MachineInteger lo, MachineInteger hi)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::factorial (const ZZ &N)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::factorial (MachineInteger n)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::binomial (const ZZ &N, const ZZ &R)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::binomial (MachineInteger n, const ZZ &R)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::binomial (const ZZ &N, MachineInteger r)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::binomial (MachineInteger n, MachineInteger r)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::fibonacci (const ZZ &N)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::fibonacci (MachineInteger n)
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::random (const ZZ &lo, const ZZ &hi)
 rnd number in range lo to hi (incl).
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::random (MachineInteger lo, MachineInteger hi)
 rnd number in range lo to hi (incl).
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::random (MachineInteger lo, const ZZ &hi)
 rnd number in range lo to hi (incl).
const ZZ::rtn CoCoA::random (const ZZ &lo, MachineInteger hi)
 rnd number in range lo to hi (incl).
mpz_t & CoCoA::mpzref (ZZ &N)
const mpz_t & CoCoA::mpzref (const ZZ &N)

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