CoCoALib-0.9905 date: 23 May 2007

RingFloat.H File Reference

#include "CoCoA/ring.H"
#include "CoCoA/error.H"

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namespace  CoCoA


class  CoCoA::RingFloatBase
class  CoCoA::RingFloat
class  CoCoA::RingFloat::InsufficientPrecision


RingFloat CoCoA::NewRingFloat (size_t MantissaBits)
bool CoCoA::IsRingFloat (const ring &RR)
RingFloat CoCoA::AsRingFloat (const ring &RR)
size_t CoCoA::PrecisionBits (const RingFloat &RR)
bool CoCoA::IsPracticallyEqual (ConstRefRingElem x, ConstRefRingElem y)

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