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PolyRing.H File Reference

#include "CoCoA/error.H"
#include "CoCoA/ring.H"
#include <cstddef>
#include <iosfwd>
#include <vector>

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namespace  CoCoA


class  CoCoA::PolyRingBase
class  CoCoA::PolyRing


bool CoCoA::IsPolyRing (const ring &R)
PolyRing CoCoA::AsPolyRing (const ring &R)
const ring & CoCoA::CoeffRing (const PolyRing &Rx)
std::size_t CoCoA::NumIndets (const PolyRing &Rx)
const RingHom & CoCoA::CoeffEmbeddingHom (const PolyRing &Rx)
const std::vector< RingElem > & CoCoA::indets (const PolyRing &Rx)
const RingElem & CoCoA::indet (const PolyRing &P, std::size_t var)
RingElem CoCoA::IndetPower (const PolyRing &P, std::size_t var, unsigned int n)
std::size_t CoCoA::NumTerms (ConstRefRingElem f)
bool CoCoA::IsMonomial (ConstRefRingElem f)
 f == coeff*pp
bool CoCoA::IsConstant (ConstRefRingElem f)
 f == coeff
bool CoCoA::IsIndet (ConstRefRingElem f)
 f == x[i]
bool CoCoA::IsIndet (std::size_t &index, ConstRefRingElem f)
 f == x[i]; index=i
std::size_t CoCoA::StdDeg (ConstRefRingElem f)
std::size_t CoCoA::deg (ConstRefRingElem f)
long CoCoA::log (ConstRefRingElem f, std::size_t var)
ConstRefRingElem CoCoA::LC (ConstRefRingElem f)
RingElem CoCoA::content (ConstRefRingElem f)
RingElem CoCoA::deriv (ConstRefRingElem f, ConstRefRingElem x)
 derivative of f w.r.t. x, x must be an indeterminate
RingElem CoCoA::deriv (ConstRefRingElem f, std::size_t x)
 here x is the index of the indeterminate
RingHom CoCoA::PolyRingHom (const PolyRing &domain, const ring &codomain, const RingHom &CoeffHom, const std::vector< RingElem > &IndetImages)
 R[x] -> S, defined by CoeffHom: R->S and x->IndetImages.
RingHom CoCoA::PolyAlgebraHom (const PolyRing &domain, const ring &codomain, const std::vector< RingElem > &IndetImages)
 R[x] -> R or R[x]->R[y], defined by R->R and x->IndetImages.

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