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MatrixArith.H File Reference

#include <cstddef>
#include <vector>

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namespace  CoCoA


void CoCoA::DetByGauss (RefRingElem d, ConstMatrix M)
size_t CoCoA::RankByGauss (ConstMatrix M)
void CoCoA::InverseByGauss (matrix &lhs, ConstMatrix M)
void CoCoA::AdjointByInverse (matrix &lhs, ConstMatrix M)
void CoCoA::GrammSchmidtRows (matrix &M)
void CoCoA::GrammSchmidtRows (matrix &M, std::size_t row)
bool CoCoA::IsTermOrdering (ConstMatrix M)
matrix CoCoA::NewPositiveMatrix (ConstMatrix M)
 returns a matrix with positive entries which defines an equivalent term-ordering
bool CoCoA::IsPositiveGrading (ConstMatrix M, size_t GradingDim)
 are the first GradingDim rows of M a positive grading?
matrix CoCoA::NewMatrixConcatHor (ConstMatrix M1, ConstMatrix M2)
matrix CoCoA::NewMatrixConcatVer (ConstMatrix M1, ConstMatrix M2)
matrix CoCoA::NewMatrixConcatDiag (ConstMatrix M1, ConstMatrix M2)
matrix CoCoA::NewMatrixConcatAntiDiag (ConstMatrix M1, ConstMatrix M2)
matrix CoCoA::NewMatrixMinimize (ConstMatrix M)
 the (ordering) matrix obtained by removing linearly dependent rows
matrix CoCoA::NewDenseMatrixRevLex (ring R, size_t n)
matrix CoCoA::NewMatrixCompleteOrd (ConstMatrix M)
matrix CoCoA::NewMatrixElim (size_t NumIndets, std::vector< size_t > IndetsToElim)
matrix CoCoA::NewMatrixElim (ConstMatrix GradingM, std::vector< size_t > IndetsToElim, bool IsHomog)

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