CoCoALib-0.9905 date: 23 May 2007

CoCoA4io.H File Reference

#include "CoCoA/TmpGTypes.H"
#include <string>

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namespace  CoCoA


enum  CoCoA::SkipTagType { CoCoA::TagWasRead, CoCoA::GetTag }


std::string CoCoA::ReadOperationString (std::istream &in)
void CoCoA::ReadPolyList (std::istream &in, PolyList &PL, const SparsePolyRing &P, SkipTagType ST)
void CoCoA::ReadVectorList (std::istream &in, VectorList &L, const FreeModule &FM, SkipTagType ST)
matrix CoCoA::ReadIntegerMatrix (std::istream &in, SkipTagType ST)
matrix CoCoA::ReadRationalMatrix (std::istream &in, SkipTagType ST)
FreeModule CoCoA::ReadFreeModule (std::istream &in, SkipTagType ST)
SparsePolyRing CoCoA::ReadPolyRing (std::istream &in, SkipTagType ST)
PPOrdering CoCoA::ReadPolyRingOrdering (std::istream &in, size_t NumInds, SkipTagType ST)
void CoCoA::PrintTimeToLog (double T)
void CoCoA::PrintTimeToCoCoA4 (double T)
void CoCoA::PrintVersionToCoCoA4 ()
void CoCoA::WritePolyRing (std::ostream &out, const SparsePolyRing &P)
void CoCoA::WriteMonomials (std::ostream &out, ConstRefRingElem p)
void CoCoA::WriteMatrixInVar (std::ostream &out, const std::string &VarName, const matrix &M)
void CoCoA::WritePolyListInVar (std::ostream &out, const std::string &VarName, const PolyList &PL)
void CoCoA::WriteVectorListInVar (std::ostream &out, const std::string &VarName, const VectorList &VL)
void CoCoA::AssertTag (const std::string &input_tag, const std::string &expected_tag)
void CoCoA::SkipTag (std::istream &in, const std::string &expected_tag)
void CoCoA::ThrowInputError (const std::string &unknown_tag)
SparsePolyRing CoCoA::NewPolyRingServer (ZZ charact, size_t FloatPrecision, size_t NumParams, const PPOrdering &O)

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