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CoCoA::QBGenerator Class Reference

#include <QBGenerator.H>

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Public Member Functions

 QBGenerator (const PPMonoid &PPM)
void myCornerPPIntoQB (PPMonoidElem pp)
void myCornerPPIntoAvoidSet (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp)
const std::list< PPMonoidElem > & myNewCorners () const
const std::list< PPMonoidElem > & myCorners () const
const std::vector< PPMonoidElem > & myQB () const
const PPMonoidmyPPM () const
void myOutputSelf (std::ostream &out) const

Private Attributes

PPMonoid myPPMValue
std::list< PPMonoidElemmyCornerList
std::list< PPMonoidElemmyNewCornerList
std::vector< PPMonoidElemmyAvoidList
std::vector< PPMonoidElemmyQBList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file QBGenerator.H.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CoCoA::QBGenerator::QBGenerator const PPMonoid PPM  )  [explicit]

Member Function Documentation

void CoCoA::QBGenerator::myCornerPPIntoQB PPMonoidElem  pp  ) 

void CoCoA::QBGenerator::myCornerPPIntoAvoidSet ConstRefPPMonoidElem  pp  ) 

const std::list<PPMonoidElem>& CoCoA::QBGenerator::myNewCorners  )  const

const std::list<PPMonoidElem>& CoCoA::QBGenerator::myCorners  )  const

const std::vector<PPMonoidElem>& CoCoA::QBGenerator::myQB  )  const

const PPMonoid& CoCoA::QBGenerator::myPPM  )  const

void CoCoA::QBGenerator::myOutputSelf std::ostream &  out  )  const

Member Data Documentation

PPMonoid CoCoA::QBGenerator::myPPMValue [private]

Definition at line 49 of file QBGenerator.H.

std::list<PPMonoidElem> CoCoA::QBGenerator::myCornerList [private]

Definition at line 50 of file QBGenerator.H.

std::list<PPMonoidElem> CoCoA::QBGenerator::myNewCornerList [private]

Definition at line 51 of file QBGenerator.H.

std::vector<PPMonoidElem> CoCoA::QBGenerator::myAvoidList [private]

Definition at line 52 of file QBGenerator.H.

std::vector<PPMonoidElem> CoCoA::QBGenerator::myQBList [private]

Definition at line 53 of file QBGenerator.H.

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