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TmpGPoly.H File Reference

#include "CoCoA/SparsePolyRing.H"
#include "CoCoA/RingHom.H"
#include "CoCoA/FreeModule.H"
#include "CoCoA/PPWithMask.H"
#include "CoCoA/TmpGTypes.H"
#include <list>
#include <vector>

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namespace  CoCoA
namespace  CoCoA::CoeffEncoding


class  CoCoA::GRingInfo
class  CoCoA::GPoly
class  CoCoA::ReductorData
class  CoCoA::Reductors


typedef std::list< GPoly > CoCoA::GPolyList
typedef std::list< GPoly * > CoCoA::GPolyPtrList
typedef std::vector< GPoly * > CoCoA::GPolyPtrVector


enum  CoCoA::CoeffEncoding::type { CoCoA::CoeffEncoding::Field, CoCoA::CoeffEncoding::FrFldOfGCDDomain }
enum  CoCoA::ComputationInputAndGradingType { CoCoA::AllGraded, CoCoA::AllAffine, CoCoA::AffineInputWithGradedRing }
enum  CoCoA::ClearType { CoCoA::clear }


RingHom CoCoA::CreateNewP2OldPRingHom (const SparsePolyRing &theNewSPR, const SparsePolyRing &theOldSPR)
RingHom CoCoA::CreateOldP2NewPRingHom (const SparsePolyRing &theNewSPR, const SparsePolyRing &theOldSPR)
unsigned int CoCoA::ModuleVarIndex (const SparsePolyRing &)
unsigned int CoCoA::Component (ConstRefPPMonoidElem T, const GRingInfo &theGRI)
GPoly * CoCoA::FindReducer (const PPWithMask &pm, const unsigned int component, const Reductors &theReductors)
GPoly * CoCoA::FindReducer (const GPoly &, const Reductors &theReductors)
void CoCoA::monic (PolyList &)
void CoCoA::monic (GPolyList &)
void CoCoA::power (RefRingElem theResult, const std::vector< RingElem > &theV, const degree &the_d)
ConstRefPPMonoidElem CoCoA::LPP (const GPoly &f)
ConstRefRingElem CoCoA::LC (const GPoly &f)
const PPWithMask & CoCoA::LPPwMask (const GPoly &f)
const SparsePolyRing & CoCoA::owner (const GPoly &gp)
const PPMonoid & CoCoA::PPM (const GPoly &gp)
const ring & CoCoA::CoeffRing (const GPoly &gp)
PPMonoidElem CoCoA::MakeVarIToNth (const PPMonoid &PPM, const unsigned int, const unsigned int)
SparsePolyRing CoCoA::owner (const PolyList &thePL)
SparsePolyRing CoCoA::owner (const std::vector< RingElem > &thePV)
SparsePolyRing CoCoA::owner (const GPolyList &theGPL)
void CoCoA::PolyList2PolyVectorClear (PolyList &, std::vector< RingElem > &)
void CoCoA::PolyVector2PolyListClear (std::vector< RingElem > &, PolyList &)

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