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PPMonoid.H File Reference

#include "CoCoA/PPOrdering.H"
#include "CoCoA/SmartPtrIRC.H"
#include <cstddef>
#include <iosfwd>
#include <vector>

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namespace  CoCoA


class  CoCoA::PPMonoid
class  CoCoA::PPMonoidElemConstRawPtr
class  CoCoA::PPMonoidElemRawPtr
class  CoCoA::ConstRefPPMonoidElem
class  CoCoA::RefPPMonoidElem
class  CoCoA::PPMonoidElem
class  CoCoA::PPMonoidBase


const std::vector< PPMonoidElem > & CoCoA::indets (const PPMonoid &PPM)
 std::vector whose n-th entry is n-th indet as PPMonoidElem
std::vector< symbol > CoCoA::symbols (const PPMonoid &PPM)
 std::vector of the symbols in PPM
std::size_t CoCoA::StdDeg (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp)
 standard degree of pp
degree CoCoA::wdeg (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp)
 degree according to grading
int CoCoA::CmpWDeg (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 <0 =0 >0 according as wdeg(t1) < = > wdeg(t2)
long CoCoA::log (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp, std::size_t var)
 degree in indet of index var
ZZ CoCoA::ZZLog (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp, std::size_t var)
 degree in indet of index var
void CoCoA::exponents (std::vector< long > &v, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp)
 SHOULD BE vector<ZZ> ????
void CoCoA::swap (RefPPMonoidElem pp1, RefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 swap(t1, t2);
bool CoCoA::IsOne (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp)
bool CoCoA::IsIndet (std::size_t &index, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp)
bool CoCoA::IsIndetPower (std::size_t &index, ZZ &exp, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp)
int CoCoA::cmp (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 <0, =0, >0 as pp1 < = > pp2
bool CoCoA::operator== (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 pp1 == pp2;
bool CoCoA::operator!= (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 pp1 != pp2;
bool CoCoA::operator< (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 pp1 < pp2;
bool CoCoA::operator<= (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 pp1 <= pp2;
bool CoCoA::operator> (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 pp1 > pp2;
bool CoCoA::operator>= (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 pp1 => pp2;
std::ostream & CoCoA::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const PPMonoid &PPM)
std::ostream & CoCoA::operator<< (std::ostream &out, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp)
OpenMathOutput & CoCoA::operator<< (OpenMathOutput &OMOut, ConstRefPPMonoidElem t)
PPMonoidElem CoCoA::operator * (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
PPMonoidElem CoCoA::operator/ (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
PPMonoidElem CoCoA::colon (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
PPMonoidElem CoCoA::gcd (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 gcd(pp1, pp2)
PPMonoidElem CoCoA::lcm (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 lcm(pp1, pp2)
PPMonoidElem CoCoA::power (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp, long exp)
PPMonoidElem CoCoA::power (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp, const ZZ &EXP)
bool CoCoA::IsCoprime (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 is gcd(pp1, pp2)=1?
bool CoCoA::IsDivisible (ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp1, ConstRefPPMonoidElem pp2)
 is pp1 divisible by pp2?
void CoCoA::AssignOne (RefPPMonoidElem dest)
RefPPMonoidElem CoCoA::operator *= (RefPPMonoidElem dest, ConstRefPPMonoidElem t)
RefPPMonoidElem CoCoA::operator/= (RefPPMonoidElem dest, ConstRefPPMonoidElem t)
ConstRefPPMonoidElem CoCoA::indet (const PPMonoid &M, std::size_t var)
PPMonoidElem CoCoA::IndetPower (const PPMonoid &M, std::size_t var, long exp)
PPMonoid CoCoA::NewPPMonoid (const std::vector< symbol > &IndetNames, const PPOrdering &ord)
bool CoCoA::operator!= (const PPMonoid &M1, const PPMonoid &M2)
ConstRefPPMonoidElem CoCoA::one (const PPMonoid &PPM)
std::size_t CoCoA::NumIndets (const PPMonoid &M)
const PPOrdering & CoCoA::ordering (const PPMonoid &M)
std::size_t CoCoA::GradingDim (const PPMonoid &M)
const PPMonoid & CoCoA::owner (const ConstRefPPMonoidElem &rawpp)
PPMonoidElemRawPtr CoCoA::raw (RefPPMonoidElem &rawpp)
PPMonoidElemConstRawPtr CoCoA::raw (const ConstRefPPMonoidElem &rawpp)

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