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FreeModule.H File Reference

#include "CoCoA/EFGModule.H"
#include "CoCoA/degree.H"

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namespace  CoCoA


class  CoCoA::FreeModuleBase
class  CoCoA::FreeModule


FreeModule CoCoA::NewFreeModule (const ring &R, std::size_t NumCompts)
bool CoCoA::IsFreeModule (const module &M)
FreeModule CoCoA::AsFreeModule (const module &M)
size_t CoCoA::FirstNonZeroPos (const ModuleElem &v)
const std::vector< degree > & CoCoA::shifts (const FreeModule &M)
 defined only if GradedFreeModuleImpl
const ModuleTermOrdering & CoCoA::ordering (const FreeModule &M)
 defined only if GradedFreeModuleImpl
FreeModule CoCoA::NewGradedFreeModule (const SparsePolyRing &P, std::size_t NumCompts)
 this is not intended for public use: NewFreeModule is intelligent
FreeModule CoCoA::NewFreeModule (const ring &P, const ModuleTermOrdering &O)
bool CoCoA::IsGradedFreeModule (const module &M)
std::size_t CoCoA::LPos (const ModuleElem &v)
degree CoCoA::wdeg (const ModuleElem &v)
int CoCoA::CmpWDeg (const ModuleElem &v1, const ModuleElem &v2)
ConstRefPPMonoidElem CoCoA::LPP (const ModuleElem &v)
bool CoCoA::IsHomogeneous (const ModuleElem &v)

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