CoCoALib Error Codes

ID Default Message Hints and likely causes
nonstandard Error code corresponding to an error different from the standard CoCoA errors
UNKNOWN UNKNOWN ERROR CODE PRODUCED -- please inform the CoCoA Team of this
ArgTooBig Argument to a numerical function too large (value would be too big)
AssertFail Assertion failed
BadArg The arg(s) given are unsuitable
BadArraySize Unsuitable array size (incompatible with other arguments)
BadCheckedCast Checked cast failed
BadCodomain Supplied RingHom has wrong codomain
BadColIndex Column index too large
BadCompose Attempt to compose maps with differing domain and codomain
BadComptIndex Index too large accessing component of ModuleElem
BadDegIndex Index too large accessing degree component
BadDomain Supplied RingHom has wrong domain
BadIndetIndex Indeterminate index too large
BadIndex Index too large The index is bigger than the size of the vector (for the moment only used for DynamicBitset). It may also be that index is negative and is passed through a C function which silently converts it into a (large) unsigned integer.
BadIndetNames Duplicate indet names or varied number of indices for a single name
BadInducingHom Inducing hom has wrong domain
BadInducingHom2 Inducing hom has wrong codomain
BadInducingHomKer Inducing hom has unsuitable kernel
BadMatrixSetEntry Attempt to set a matrix entry where this is forbidden
BadMatrixSize Matrix size is wrong for this operation
BadNumBase Base for number conversion must be between 2 and 36 (incl)
BadNumIndets Wrong number of indet names when creating a PPMonoid
BadPPMonoid PPMonoid supplied is not of the right type
BadPolyRingHomImages Unsuitable indet images for creating PolyRing hom (wrong number or wrong ring)
BadProbability Probability P must satisfy 0 <= P <= 1
BadPwrZero Non-positive power of zero
BadQuot Cannot compute quotient in ring or monoid
BadQuotRing Attempt to quotient by ideal(1)
BadRing Used ring does not have desired properties
BadRingHomArg Argument to RingHom does not belong to domain
BadRingHomArg2 Argument given to a partial RingHom is outside the domain
BadRowIndex Row index too large
BadSmallFpChar Characteristic (for small finite field) too large or not prime
BadSymbolHead Invalid symbolic name head (with illegal characters)
BadSymbolIndex Symbolic name does not have that many indices
BadSymbolRange Incompatible symbols given to range
BLASFailed A BLAS function failed
CanonicalHomFail Unable to construct canonical homomorphism
ConstMatEntry Cannot assign to constant matrix entry
DeadMemPool Attempt to use a MemPool after it has been destroyed
DivByZero Division by zero or by a zero-divisor
ExpTooBig Exponent is too large
GlobalManager1 No GlobalManager object has been created
GlobalManager2 Attempt to create more than one GlobalManager object
IdealNotInRing Incompatible ring and ideal: ideal is not in the given ring
InsuffPrec RingTwinFloat: insufficient precision (e.g. error growth impedes further computation)
IntDivByNeg Integer division by negative divisor with non-zero remainder
InvertibleRingElem Non-invertible RingElem required
LapackFailed A Lapack driver failed
LogZero Cannot compute log of zero
MemPoolZero Cannot use MemPool to manage blocks of zero size
MissNumLibs Numerical libraries not configured in
MixedCoeffRings Arithmetic operation between polys with different coeff rings
MixedDegrees Arithmetic operation between incompatible degrees
MixedModules Elements must be in the same module; mixed module operations are forbidden
MixedPolyIters Comparison between iterators over different polys
MixedPPMs Elements must be in the same PPMonoid; mixed PPMonoid operations are forbidden
MixedRings Elements must be in the same ring; mixed ring operations are forbidden You might have computed c*f where c is in R and f is in R[x], see ex-RingHom2.C
MixedSizes Operation between objects with different size Operations between DynamicBitsets with different sizes are not allowed
NegExp Negative exponent
NoGlobalMgr GlobalManager must be created before using CoCoALib see ex-empty.C
NotCommutative Ring is not commutative
NotDenseUPolyRing Ring must be a dense univariate polynomial ring
NotElemFrF RingElem is not in a fraction field
NotElemGCDDomain RingElem is not in a GCD domain
NotElemPolyRing RingElem is not in a polynomial ring
NotElemQuotientRing RingElem is not in quotient ring
NotElemSparsePolyRing RingElem is not in a sparse polynomial ring
NotFGModule Module must be FGModule, but is not
NotField Ring must be a field
NotFracField Ring must be a FractionField
NotFreeModule Module must be a free module
NotFullRank Matrix must be full rank
NotGCDDomain Ring is not a GCD domain
NotGradedModule Module must be a graded module
NotIndet Poly should be an indeterminate
NotIntegralDomain Ring is not an integral domain
NotInvMatrix Matrix must be invertible
NotMonomialGens Ideal must be generated by monomials
NotNonNegative Value must be non-negative
NotNonNegativeGrading Grading must be non-negative
NotOrdDom Ring is not an ordered domain
NotPolyRing Ring must be a polynomial ring
NotPositiveGrading Grading must be positive
NotQuotientRing Ring must be a quotient ring
NotRingTwinFloat Operation valid only over RingTwinFloat
NotRingZ Ring must be Z, the ring of integers
NotSparsePolyRing Ring must be a sparse polynomial ring
NotSquareMatrix Matrix must be square
NotTrueGCDDomain Ring is not a GCD domain or is a field
NotTermOrdering Ordering must be a term-ordering (all PPs>1)
NotUnit Cannot invert non-unit
NYI NOT YET IMPLEMENTED -- please be patient, we're working on it
PPOrder PP is not in the right order
PolyIterEnded Attempt to use an off-the-end iterator
ZeroModulus A zero modulus was specified for a numerical operation
ZeroRingElem Non-zero RingElem required
SERIOUS A serious library error has occurred -- please inform the CoCoA Team